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Shade Garden Resources

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Resources for Bringing the Woodland Home:   Selected Materials to Assist with Planting a Shade Garden by Laura Hartwell-Berlin Note: This information was created to supplement the talk Roy Diblik gave in March, 2022. You can view his talk here: How to Add Native Shade Plants to Your Garden Why Create a Woodland Garden: In the […]

Native Plant Container Gardening

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Native Plant Container Gardening Over the years, we’ve had a lot of requests from people who want to use containers for native plant gardening. They might have a balcony or reduced space or simply like containers. They want the beauty and biodiversity near them & containers are the way to go. We’ve not always had […]

Call for Native Plant Gardens

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Call for Native Plant Gardens West Cook Wild Ones needs a few good gardens like yours. We are working hard to promote the value of gardening with native plants and to educate homeowners, condos, churches, schools, and businesses on how it is done. Like you, we believe that native gardens are beautiful islands of biodiversity […]