Welcome to Wild Ones of West Cook

Who are we?

Since 2013, Wild Ones West Cook has been sharing information with our community about how important their landscaping choices are. We are a membership-based non-profit organization. Membership makes sure our chapter stays strong. Please consider becoming a member. We share our ideas, skills, and knowledge with others so that their yards can be hospitable to other animals. Working together, we all can ensure the continuation of ecosystem benefits we receive from healthy, beneficial animal and plant populations. We stand with science and enact what we learn in our landscapes. We accomplish these goals by:

  • providing educational monthly programs about our native ecosystems, native gardening, and other related topics to the public;
  • offering grants to non-profits and governmental organizations in Cook County; these grants ensure a wider education, distribution, and connection to nature for all people;
  • offering an Invasive Tree or Shrub Trade-in to help people learn about invasive plants and take action to remove these destructive plants and plant beneficial ones instead;
  • providing our expertise to local policy makers;
  • hosting a native plant sale, which helps people get ethically sourced and sustainably grown plants from local growers at a great price;
  • creating a social media community where we share what’s happening in local gardens as well as scientific articles that connect to native plants and biodiversity;
  • collaborating with and supporting other local environmental organizations;
  • developing online and print resources;
  • sponsoring conferences where we have nationally recognized speakers present;
  • creating a wildlife corridor (stepping stone model) that offers refuge to all kinds of beneficial urban wildlife.

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