About Us

West Cook Wild Ones shares information with landowners about how important their landscaping choices are. We share our ideas, skills, and knowledge with others so that their yards can be hospitable to other animals. Working together, we all can ensure the continuation of ecosystem benefits we receive from healthy, beneficial animal and plant populations.   We accomplish these goals by:

  • providing education monthly programs to educate the public about our native ecosystems, native gardening, and other related topics
  • hosting a native plant sale, which helps people get ethically sourced and sustainably grown plants from local growers at a great price
  • creating a social media community where we share what’s happening in local gardens as well as scientific articles that connect to native plants and biodiversity
  • collaborating with other local environmental organizations
  • developing online and print resources
  • sponsoring conferences where we have nationally recognized speakers present

We look forward to increased life and beauty in the future.  May all of our children experience the wonder of Monarchs, Luna moths, ladybugs, hummingbirds, and other winged wonders over their lifespans and the lifespans of their children and so on.Plant a native garden and leave a love letter to future generations.  Featured image is a picture of the WCWO Board after a long, exhilarating day hosting a plant sale and Doug Tallamy conference.  Picture by: Cassandra West

If you would like to view our Chapter Bylaws, please click this link: Bylaws for Wild Ones West Cook Chapter.

American Lady Underside Coneflower Skipper