Show Me – Help Me Gardens 2019

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Planning is underway at West Cook Wild Ones for a series of Show Me – Help Me garden visits. Show Me-Help Me Day is a Wild Ones® concept, focused on informal conversation and knowledge sharing. Members may show visitors established gardens and share how they got there or get instructive help on the challenges of a less-developed garden.

We’re seeking prospective participants. Please fill out our form if you’re interested or would like to learn more.

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Show Me


Show-Me properties are more established sites with many native plants in an advanced stage of development.

 Help Me

Help-Me properties could be anything from new-construction home sites, recently purchased homes, to fairly new natural landscapes.


We are not seeking perfection here. Informal, enlightening and relaxed, Show Me – Help Me Days are about exchanging down-to-earth ideas. Imagine a day filled with Wild Ones Cinderella and Cruella DeVil stories around topics like wet or dry areas, neighbor relations, gravel and stones, shady areas, exotics, or erosion.

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