Native Plants Can Do Moon Gardens Too

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Moon Gardens seem to usually be the province of introduced plants, but there are plenty of native plants that have light blooms and foliage that can take center stage in the evening giving an extra, unexpected delight–a little color during twilight and on moonlit nights (though for many of us in urban areas, there is always some artificial ambient light).

Do you have any native plants that shine and glimmer in the moonlight?  Let us know.  🙂


Obedient Plant glows


Nodding Onion with a little Prairie Sage makes a nice moonlit combo


Spotted Horsemint with Little Bluestem to the right, which gives a nice blue gleam


Culver’s Root in the moon garden adds another dimension to the way its flowers are typically described as candelabras.


Early Meadow Rue’s foliage provides interest even in the evening


Sweet Brown-eyed Susans illuminate the gloam


Flat-topped Aster


Flowers of Anise Hyssop (extend beyond the calyxes–look like whiskers) capture backlight


Joe-pye Weeds aren’t flowering yet but still show up in a darker landscape









Purple Coneflower–does it ever stop working? (With Monarda, about done blooming, and Prairie Sage)

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