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Aphids: What to Do?

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  This post was written to address a question about aphids on milkweed.  Any of the steps would apply to aphids on any other type of plant, including edibles.  (Note the image at the top of the page is of a Lacewing adult, one of the beneficials that you want to attract and keep in your… Read more »

Native Plant Rescue–Schaumburg, IL

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Native Plant Rescue–Schaumburg, IL UPDATE: 6/29 Today is the last day of the rescue.   UPDATE: 6/23 The response to the rescue has been incredible and Dennis is heartened to know that his plants will find homes.  At this time, we can’t tell you exactly what plants are there and if you go, you would… Read more »

Two Simple, Easy, and Natural Steps for Summer Habitat Garden Maintenance

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Summer is almost here, and plants are up.  You’ve been a good dooby and left some stems standing to provide habitat/nesting areas for cavity-nesting bees (such as Mason Bees and tiny Carpenter bees).  Maybe you’re also worried about pulling weeds and not sure how best to handle the situation.  Here are some quick and easy… Read more »

Notes from Judith Pollock’s Presentation on Attracting Migratory Birds

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Native Plantings to Attract Migratory Birds After a little good-natured group tribute to Doug Tallamy, Judy Pollock told us about the real conservation work we can do.  Where?  Not in faraway places at all but simply in our own yards.  In Judy’s own yard in Evanston, IL, she has observed 125 migratory species in her… Read more »

Rethinking Spring Clean-up

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Hold your rake!  Clearing out your garden can backfire–you are removing the building blocks of soil and harming if not destroying beneficial insects that found a safe place in your garden during the winter.  You can learn more about some of these animals in this post: What’s in a Leaf Pile.   Read the below… Read more »

Quick and Easy Newsletter Sign-up

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If you’d like to subscribe to our newsletter, simply click on the link and complete the short form. When we send out information about upcoming programs/events, you’ll receive it in your mailbox: West Cook Wild Ones Sign-up    

West Cook Wild Ones Wildlife Corridor

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West Cook Wild Ones Wildlife Corridor West Cook Wild Ones Wildlife Corridor Map–Watch It Grow Our goal is to gather pledges from at least two yards/landscapes (public or private) on every block between Thatcher Woods and Columbus Park.  To pledge your yard send an e-mail to West Cook Wild Ones has been engaging residents… Read more »