West Cook Wild Ones Mentorship Program

Announcing: West Cook Wild Ones Mentorship Program

Are you new to native gardening and aren’t sure where to start? Are you looking for someone to have a conversation with about native plants that is actually as interested in it as you?

The West Cook Wild Ones Mentorship program is here for you!

 We will match new(er) gardeners with a more experienced gardener to share resources, information, and advice. We will take into account experience and location in assembling mentoring groups. Priority will be given to WCWO members.

Experienced with native plants:

You’ve got a good amount of experience and have a good idea of what works in your space and feel ok giving advice. You’re not expected to be an expert! If you’d feel comfortable answering someone’s question on a FB post, this is you!

Moderate experience with native plants:

You’ve got a season or two under your belt and you’ve got some good experience to share. You know there are things you don’t know, but you’ve got questions to ask and answers to give.

Beginning native plants:

You know you want to get some more native plants in your garden, but have more questions as to how, what, and where than you have answers.

Please take a moment to sign up here: Sign Up for Mentorship Program

Mentoring groups will be assigned March 30 and will continue on a rolling basis every few months.

We encourage people to social distance and use video conferencing in their mentor groups. When COVID restrictions are lifted and the population is vaccinated, we plan to have some Mentor / Mentee events in person – stay tuned!