2018 West Cook Wild Ones Native Plant Sale

2018 Native Plant Sale 

Liven up Your Landscape with Beautiful Native Plants 

IMG_5869Our online site is open, and you can start pre-ordering now. We have added many new spring ephemerals to our list this year. Quantities are limited, so if you’d like plants such as Canadian Mayflower, Dwarf Crested Iris, Trilliums (we have four different species), or Celandine Poppy (among others), we recommend ordering early to get the plants you’d like. 
 2018 West Cook Wild Ones Plant Sale

Pick up is June 02, 2018 from 10 am to 2 pm at Euclid Methodist Church’s parking lot, 405 S Euclid Ave, Oak Park, IL 60302. Pre-orders end May 20, 2018. 

Are you a member of Wild Ones? You get a 10 % discount.  In the discount code area, use MEMSAVE10. If you would like to join or need to renew, click here: Join/Renew

Need a little more inspiration or guidance?  We have selected some plants from our sale and arranged them into some potential plans.  You can consult with a landscaper or a garden coach to see how to adjust them or to work with your existing gardens.  There may be some people available on the day of the sale to help as well.   Most of the plants would be planted about 18″ apart.  Some of the narrower plants, such as liatris, would be planted more closely. Most plants will spread over time through rhizomes or seeds to fill gaps.  If you want, for example, more purple coneflower, clip the stem and lay the stem and seedhead where you want your seedlings.  Keeping the stem/seedhead there reminds you next year where you had put the seeds. (Consider keeping stems up to offer seeds to birds though–goldfinches, sparrows, love them!).

Click on the links to view the plans below. Please note some of the plants may be more expensive if we are only able to get them in gallon size. Costs are approximate. 

Woodland Garden       Cool Until Fall       The Monarch Garden      Basic Butterfly Garden      Basic Native Garden

If you  already have natives or once you’ve added them to your garden, pledge your yard to our bird, bee, butterfly habitat corridor: