Bison Tales and Tallgrass Trails

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Sunday, February 18th, 2024
to (Central Time)

Public Welcome Free Event Program/Speaker Presentation

Please join West Cook Wild Ones for "Bison Tales and Tallgrass Trails" with Cindy Crosby, author, educator and speaker extraordinaire on Sunday February 18, 2024 at 2:30 pm (Central Time).

Hear the story of how Illinois' original garden---the tallgrass prairie---has been shaped by bison. Learn how these charismatic megafauna are being restored to Illinois prairies. Listen to tales of their connections---both historical and contemporary---to some Native American tribes. Then, delight in discovering the ways bison have been portrayed in music, literature, art and popular culture as you view beautiful images of these fascinating creatures.

Banner Photo by Cindy Crosby

This presentation will not be recorded. Please register only if you can attend the live Zoom session on Sunday, February 18.

Speaker Bio:

Cindy Crosby is the author, compiler or contributor to more than 20 books. Her most recent book is “Chasing Dragonflies: A Natural, Cultural, and Personal History” (Northwestern University Press, 2020). Her recent full-color book of photographs and essays is “Tallgrass Conversations: In Search of the Prairie Spirit” with co-author Thomas Dean (2019). She is also the author of “The Tallgrass Prairie: An Introduction” (Northwestern University Press, 2017).

Cindy earned her master’s degree in natural resources from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. She is a Master Gardener, a steward for the Schulenberg Prairie at The Morton Arboretum and at Nachusa Grasslands, a NatureConservancy site with bison in Franklin Grove, IL. When she's not working in her garden, she speaks and teaches on natural history topics in the Chicago region. Cindy blogs each week at Tuesdays in the Tallgrass on Wordpress, and you can find her classes and events at

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