Gardening for Moths

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Sunday, August 20th, 2023
to (Central Time)

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Discover the beauty and importance of moths and how to attract them to your garden.

Please join us for "Gardening for Moths" as Chelsea Gottfried, author of Gardening for Moths: a regional guide, talks to us about the ecological importance of moths and how to provide for their needs in your garden.

Moths are beautiful and critical members of ecological communities and native plant gardens can provide welcoming habitat for them. Adult moths sip nectar and pollinate flowering native plants. Moth caterpillars nibble on native host plants for their food. In turn, moth caterpillars and adults are a major food source for many creatures including other insects, spiders, birds and bats. Chelsea Gottfried will introduce you to moth species you can attract to your garden and the native plants that they need to thrive. 

Speaker Bio

Chelsea Gottfried works as a naturalist and nature-based preschool teacher for the Crawford Park District in north central Ohio. She is an avid gardener and a passionate entomologist.

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