Wanted! Dead or Dead: Invasive Plants on Your Property

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Sunday, March 19th, 2023
to (Central Time)

Public Welcome Will be Recorded Free Event Program/Speaker Presentation

Learn about the invasive plant species that disrupt our natural ecosystems.

Ever wonder-what's an invasive species and why do they get such negative attention? Can a plant really be so bad? In fact, invasive plants are the genuine badies of the conservation world. Wyatt will explain it all! Please read his description for more details.

Wyatt's Words on Wanted! Dead or Dead:

Your guide to understanding the concept of invasive species, what "invasive" means in context, how that changes over time and space, what invasive species you should look out for, and how you can help mitigate the spread of invasive species and their extinction-causing destruction.

Speaker Bio:

A passionate youngster who has dedicated much of my life to ecological learning, restoration, and education. I'm just some weirdo, but also I'm VP of the non-profit Save the Prairie Society, a commissioner for Brookfield IL's Conservation Commission, the youngest Forest Preserve steward in Cook County, and I run a business that makes ecological services of all kinds available to my fellow suburbans. 

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