Wildflower Gardens: Nature's Jewelbox

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Sunday, July 16th, 2017
to (Central Time)
Dole Library, 255 Augusta St., Oak Park, IL, 60302 Map

Wildflower Gardens: Nature's Jewelbox
presented by Art Gara, founder of Art and Linda's Wildflowers
Since 1997, Art and Linda's Wildflower Gardens have been creating hundreds of wildflower gardens in a variety of conditions and locations all over Chicagoland.  Their work ranges from garden beds for average homes with rich, healthy soil to degraded and debris-filled, compacted clay around newer construction.  He and his landscaping company have restored dark, foreboding and garlic-mustard invaded woods back into a state of health and beauty. Sandy, rocky and barren spots have been transformed into sand prairies like those found at Illinois State Beach in Zion.  Art knows how to match the right plant to the right situation.

Summer rain garden designed by Art Gara. Photo: Arthur Smith

His presentation will represent his wide-ranging mastery of native plants: rain gardens, prairie gardens, habitat gardens, woodland gardens, as well as hardscaping elements.  Art will highlight the particular beauty  of wildflower gardens.  They are full of life and interest.  Their colors change, as do the plants, providing a kaleidoscope of wonder through the seasons--even in winter--with the seed heads of grasses droopy from the weight of snow.

We are sure too to be charmed by Art’s use of old-school physical slides and projector.  

Whether you are new to native gardening or have long experience with natives, you are sure to learn something from Art. 

Art Gara has been a leader in native plant gardening for 20 years, and is the owner of Art and Linda’s Wildflowers.  Art is one of the first landscape companies to use only native plants in its designs.  A long-time supporter of various Wild Ones chapters, he has worked tirelessly to help others bring the beauty of the natural world to their own landscapes.  

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