Science Needs You: Become a Citizen Scientist

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Sunday, June 25th, 2017
to (Central Time)
Dole Library, 255 Augusta St., Oak Park, IL, 60302 Map

Science Needs You: Become a Citizen Scientist
Urban Ecologist Emily Minor (UIC AssociateProfessor) and Stephanie Walquist (Vice-president WCWO & participant in citizen science) will talk about citizen science, what it is, and why it’s important.  They will discuss the different projects that are out there and how you can participate. The focus of this program is nature-based projects that you can do right outside your door. By participating, you can help not only science but also the things you care about.  Along the way, you will learn so much about your immediate, local environment. Children can participate as well.

Emily will speak to the uses of citizen science and its growing importance to scientists.  Stephanie can speak to what she has learned by participating in citizen science.  

We will visit some web sites as a whole group so that participants can see how to set up an account.  We will then assist attendees in setting up accounts and working through how to do a report on a phone or computer.  

Please bring a laptop or tablet if you have access to one.  Depending on availability, you can use a library computer to access the internet.  

The goal is that after attending you are ready to begin observing and reporting on the animals and plants in the landscapes closest to you.  

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