Donate to Support Our Work

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Please Donate to Support Our Work

WildOnes is a 501c(3) Not for profit organization.

There is no other local organization quite like us.  We do a lot of education and outreach on a small budget.  Our income is comprised of a small percentage of membership fees from the National WO, a small amount through our plant sale, and a grant. We pay for speakers, for educational materials, plants and support to local organizations and groups.  There is even more we could do.  We would love to be able to donate more plants, shrubs, and trees and help more people and organizations through new programs.  

2016 was a year of growth for us.  We reached hundreds of people through our programs and events.  Over 2,000 plants were purchased and planted. 

Together we can make a difference by creating a wildlife corridor and providing habitat for the species that need our help.


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