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The following is our current inventory:

The following are $2.50

5 * Little blue stem
3 * Woodland Brome
21 * Palm Sedge
5 * Wild garlic
25 * Prairie Milk weed
21 * Swamp Milkweed
1 * Butterfly weed
4 * Calico aster
11 * Black-eyed Susan
4 * Zig-Zag Goldenrod
5 * Wild Petunia
3 * Golden Alexander
5 * Prairie Blazing star
4 * Joe Pye Weed
3 * Rose Mallow
6 * Purple Prairie clover
10 * White wild indigo


The following are $10

4 * Wild ginger
4 * Blood root

4 Responses to “Plants for sale”

  1. Connie Tosch

    Hello, Would you have information on planting any of the above for inside? (like a house plant) Appreciate your consideration. Thank you.

    Best Regards,
    Connie Tosch

  2. Nora Abboreno

    I would like to purchase the Little Blue Stem (5), Butterfly Weed (1), Prairie Milkweed (2) and Purple Prairie Clover (4).
    I’m new to the website so I don’t know how or where to pick them up.
    Thank you,
    Nora Abboreno

  3. Carolyn Wild Ones Member

    Sorry for the sparse details. Please email [email protected] with your order and to arrange for getting the plants. Thanks for your interest!
    Connie–these are all adapted to our climate and primarily for prairie. They need lots of sun and their roots tend to get very long, like 5-10 feet or more, and some of them can be that tall. They are used to going dormant for winter, so I don’t think they’d do well as houseplants, though I am not an expert on that aspect of them. You might be able to grow some in a container in the summer and keep them in a sheltered location for winter but no guarantees.


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