2022 Photo Contest

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2022 Photo Contest: Native Plants in Fall and Winter

Last year’s winning photo by Cathy Street

At the end of the year, we send holiday cards to our members, and we would like to get you all involved! For our December 2022 card, we would love to choose a photo from a West Cook Wild Ones member. Our 2022 holiday card will feature the winning photograph with a credit for the photographer. We may use photos elsewhere to promote Wild Ones’s mission. The guidelines follow.

  1. We want to see what native plants mean to you, expressed through a photograph. You don’t need to be a pro or even have your own garden. While pics of member gardens are encouraged, any pic of local native plants are eligible.
  2.  Photo must include native plants in the late fall or winter season.
  3.  We welcome photos of wildlife interacting with native plants.
  4.  Four submissions per person. Montages will be considered as one submission.
  5.  For submission purposes, please submit no larger than 500 KB (Padlet has a max limit of 10MB per padlet). We will contact you at a later time for a higher resolution photo if necessary (Minimum recommended size 1794 x 1287 pixels for printing).
  6.  Submit photos to the following by April 30, 2022 to our Photo Contest padlet. 
  7. We will use the Padlet also as the voting platform.
  8. Please send an email to [email protected] com and let us know which photo is yours. Put the title of your photo as the subject line. 
  9.  The West Cook Wild Ones Holiday Card Photo Contest is open to amateur photographers of all ages who earn less than 51 percent of their income from photography. Only West Cook Wild Ones members and employees of our Business members, whose membership is (and will be) current during this contest are eligible. Household memberships include everyone who lives within the same household.


A few of last year’s submissions. You can see the creativity that people shared with us. There are many more on last year’s Padlet

Frosted Bundleflower by Kayla Chase                                                 One of our runners up!

Botanical Snowflakes 1 by Laurie Casey     Another runners up.


January Afternoon by Alison McKinzie     Another runner up

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