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Native Plant Rescue–Schaumburg, IL

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Native Plant Rescue–Schaumburg, IL UPDATE: 6/23 The response to the rescue has been incredible and Dennis is heartened to know that his plants will find homes.  At this time, we can’t tell you exactly what plants are there and if you go, you would find what you wanted.   We will send an e-mail to… Read more »

Beautifully Natural Garden Conference 2017

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Thank you to everyone who attended the conference.  We were pleased to be able to bring these two accomplished professionals to the Chicago area. Both of their messages were grounded in deep experience, were very practical, yet very inspiring.  Rick Darke’s lecture was a wonderful and rare mix of philosophy, reflection, practical how-to advice, and… Read more »

5 Reasons to Attend the Beautifully Natural Garden Conference

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5 Reasons to Attend the Beautifully Natural Garden Conference Rick Darke and Heather Holm are two top-notch speakers and experts in their respective fields who will bring emerging and important information to you.  If you are thinking of attending our conference on February 11, 2017 but need a little extra convincing–here it is!   1. Learn… Read more »

Donate to Support Our Work

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Please Donate to Support Our Work WildOnes is a 501c(3) Not for profit organization. There is no other local organization quite like us.  We do a lot of education and outreach on a small budget.  Our income is comprised of a small percentage of membership fees from the National WO, a small amount through our plant… Read more »

Two Simple, Easy, and Natural Steps for Summer Habitat Garden Maintenance

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Summer is almost here, and plants are up.  You’ve been a good dooby and left some stems standing to provide habitat/nesting areas for cavity-nesting bees (such as Mason Bees and tiny Carpenter bees).  Maybe you’re also worried about pulling weeds and not sure how best to handle the situation.  Here are some quick and easy… Read more »