Call for Native Plant Gardens

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Call for Native Plant Gardens

West Cook Wild Ones needs a few good gardens like yours. We are working hard to promote the value of gardening with native plants and to educate homeowners, condos, churches, schools, and businesses on how it is done. Like you, we believe that native gardens are beautiful islands of biodiversity that meet many of our conservation goals by preserving clean water, reducing fossil fuel consumption, sequestering carbon, eliminating pesticides, and providing essential habitat for birds, bees, butterflies and threatened pollinators.

Plus, native gardens are just plain beautiful! We know your garden is making an important contribution to sustaining life on this planet, and we want to encourage others to join in. By seeing the beauty and ecology your garden has to offer, others will be inspired by your example. Would you be willing to put your garden on our Native Garden Tour? It will take place on Sunday, August 5, 2018, 1 to 4 PM, in Oak Park, River Forest and adjacent communities. Last year around 150 people attended this non-profit event. Gardens do not need to be 100% native, so long as youÂ’re working toward using your land sustainably.  

If you are willing to consider putting your garden on the tour – or would like to volunteer to help by being a docent at one of the gardens –  please contact Pam Todd, [email protected] for more details. 

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  1. Carol Olsen

    I think I have one of the last gardens designed by Art o Art and Linda’s Wildflowers. Art had wanted my garden to be on your walk this year, but unfortunately he passed away this winter. He did not have time to finish the garden this spring. He never gave me a diagram so some of what he planted was engulfed by other plants that he had not removed. I’ve done my best with what I remember and people tell me it is beautiful. It is not entirely native but charming. If you would like to mention this garden in your news letter or online. People could walk by and see it any time. I would like to honor Art by showing off his work. If you’re interested. My address is 747 S. Lombard, Oak Park.


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